About Bec - Burn and Bloom 

And more importantly, why you should buy a logo! 



I'm Bec, an almost thirty year old, dog mum, and personal development addict, who has branded hundreds of businesses.


I was able to take an apprenticeship in design and printing and turn it into a 15 year long career working with some of the world's biggest brands. I've used the same brand strategies and design skills to help people start, grow and sell  businesses which have turned over millions, and even billions of dollars.


I created Burn and Bloom and the addition of the online store of semi-custom logos to help serve start ups and businesses on a budget. I believe quality design should be available to everyone, not just the people that can afford $5k+ for a brand identity. 


The premade logo store helps small business owners take their current brand and elevate it, giving them a professional presence that customers are emotionally and financially invested in. 


I really believe that every business should have access to beautiful branding and a purposeful strategy! 


I hope you love what you see!


Bec x